Girls out of school in Southern EU countries. Unbelievable but true!

As southern EU country leaders are about to meet in Cyprus this coming Monday January 29, 2019, they should better discuss why we still have girls out of school. Greece has the highest percentage of girls out of school, followed by Cyprus.

Digging deeper into labor market data this will reflect in women participation in the economy, in leadership of business and society.

Culture, religion and education go hand in hand in our countries of the Mediterranean. We need a shift in education, in our discussions around the family table, more role models showing the way, and new policy thinking by those in government. At Davos this year there was discussion on how we should allow our children at primary school age to dream big and in new directions of education other than the stifled and existing paradigm.

Come on Southern Mediterranean men - widen the circle and let the girls and women in.