For economies and societies to thrive growth “Girls in school” is great news, “Girls out of school” is bad news.

In advanced economies education for boys and girls is considered a given. But it is not the case in front line markets or in developing economies. For economies and societies to thrive, girls in school is good news. Girls and women’s role in society is multi dimensional, as workers, mothers, sisters, at the heart of family values and education at home.

At we will be looking to see the projected growth of economies where there is a drop in girls’ school attendance; and how the increase of girls in school is reflected in the labor market.

Women participation in the workforce is a global issue, not just a Mediterranean one. Lack of access to opportunity due to structural policy enablers is a key parameter for holding women back from formal, productive work.

For our region to become more integrated, stable and promising, we need more inclusive policies, access to opportunities and the voice of girls and women to be heard.