Fair Leadership, Sustainability, Governance – and the Three-Women Rule


The Mediterranean Women Mediators Network (MWMN), which has recently been launched across the region as an Italian initiative with support from the UN, speaks volumes about the need to engage women around the world in conflict-ridden societies – to mediate, negotiate and witness the implementation of peace.

This is not only a gender issue. It is rather about equitable leadership and fair governance processes.

How can men-only boards, or men-only policy or political groups, design and implement policies or strategies that affect a whole population? It is scientifically proven that diverse thinking brings the best decisions and moves implementation forward. Women-only (rare or inexistent) or men-only boards lack diversity, and hence cannot fairly or efficiently deliver well thought-through decisions that are sustainable in the long term.

MWMN aims to make the most of women’s skills, drawing members from cities and villages who in their everyday life negotiate, achieve consensus and implement decisions that benefit their locality and the wider good. The UN is seeking to pass a Three-Women Rule resolution, such that every mediation or conflict resolution board has to include three women: one who mediates, one who negotiates and another to act as witness to the entire process. 

The Mediterranean region needs more fair leadership and sustainability in its governance – in business and politics.

Well done Italy and UN Women for pursuing the mission of women mediators!