The Mediterranean Growth Initiative (MGI) is a real time, interactive platform, focused on growth data and analytics for all the economies of the Mediterranean. It combines economic understanding with data analytics so as to demonstrate the potential of the Mediterranean as a viable region for global trade.

Through collaboration, it aims to build scale for the region’s enterpreneurs in accessing capital and markets and to create value for private and institutional investors and, in so doing, promote the peaceful coexistence of our societies.

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A comprehensive assessment of country potential in a single index

The MGI Economic Prospect Index (MEPI) combines information on opportunity and risk to capture the economic potential of each Med country in a single number.

Key Indicators

  • CPI

  • Employment

  • Inflation

  • IPI

  • Real GDP

  • Unemployment Rate

“At its core, the MGI aims to highlight the untapped potential that exists when more shared growth and trade develop between Europe, North Africa and the Levant - the Mediterranean - as an interdependent economic space in global trade.”

— Michael A. Köhler, Director for the Neighbourhood South, DG NEAR, European Commission

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